7 Best Racing Drones for 2022

These best racing drones are popular because they offer a realistic experience that is not available with other types of drones. They are also versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including aerial photography and videography.

The racing drones category has been growing in popularity as more and more people become interested in aerial racing. This is due to the excitement that comes with watching drones fly through the air at high speeds, and the skill required to pilot them competently.

There are a number of different racing drones on the market, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some drones are designed for speed, while others are better suited for aerobatics.

What are racing drones?

Racing drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are used for racing or recreational purposes. They are typically small, lightweight, and have a high-speed capability. Racing drones are sometimes referred to as quadcopters, but they can also be multi-rotors. They can be flown using a remote control or a hand controller. Racing drones are popular because they are inexpensive to buy and maintain, and they offer a lot of fun. acing drones are also used to provide video footage of race events for use in broadcast and marketing purposes.

What features to look for in racing drones?

When it comes to racing drones, there are a few features that you’ll want to look for. These features can include a high-powered motor, durable build, adjustable camera settings, and fast response time. Racing drones can be expensive, so make sure that you find one that fits your needs and budget.

Range: How far can the drone fly before needing to be recharged?
Size: How big is the drone? Is it easy to carry around?
Speed: How fast can the drone go?
Controls: How easy are the controls to use? Can you change direction quickly?

Best Racing Drones 2022

Best Racing Drones are perfect for those who love to fly and race their drones. With these quadcopters, you can easily navigate through the air while trying to stay ahead of your opponents. Additionally, these drones come equipped with high-quality cameras that will help you capture amazing videos and photos while you’re flying.

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Walkera F210 3D Edition 2.4GHz Racing Drone

Walkera F210 3D Edition 2.4GHz Racing Drone
Photo: Amazon

Walkera F210 3D Edition 2.4GHz Racing Drone is the latest addition to Walkera’s lineup of drones. This quadcopter drone is specifically designed for aerial racing and offers a stable flight experience thanks to its powerful 2.4GHz transmitter.

This drone comes with a camera that can capture high-resolution photos and videos, making it perfect for capturing stunning aerial footage of your races or stunts.

Walkera F210 3D Edition Racing Drone is a great choice for racing enthusiasts and hobbyists who are looking for a high-quality racing drone. It has a sleek design and is equipped with advanced features that make it an excellent choice for pilots who want to compete in races. The drone is also easy to operate, making it perfect for beginners.


  • Optimized receiver RX
  • Covered motor
  • Long-lasting battery,
  • HD night vision camera
  • Standard equidistant axis design
  • On-screen-display system

Ryze Tech Tello

DJI Tello Ryze drone for kids
Photo: Amazon

DJI Tello is a drone meant for kids. It’s easy to fly, has a built-in camera, and is durable enough that it can take some bumps and bruises. It’s ideal for beginners or kids who want an easy way to capture photos and videos without having to learn about flying drones manually.

It has a simple controller that makes it easy to fly, and it’s small enough to fit in a child’s hand. The Tello is also lightweight and compact, making it perfect for children who are just starting out in the drone hobby but also is one of the best beginner drones. The drones come with a camera that is really fun to use and can be used for a variety of activities.

Whether you are at a park, at your desk, or at home, you can always take off and experience the world from exciting new perspectives. Tello has a series of two antennas that substantially improve video coverage and a high-capacity battery that offers remarkably long flight times.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Flight Range 100m
  • HD 720p video resolution
  • 5MP Camera 
  • Suitable for Indoors
  • Remote Control

ImmersionRC Vortex 150 Mini ARF Racing Quad

ImmersionRC Vortex 150 Mini ARF Racing Quad
Photo: Amazon

If you’re looking for an affordable racing quad that can take on the toughest tracks, the Vortex 150 Mini ARF is a great option. This quad is small enough to fit in a small space, but it still has all the features needed for competitive racing. It comes equipped with a powerful motor and that allows you to take on even the most challenging tracks.

It has a durable frame and powerful motors that make it a force to be reckoned with when it comes to speed and agility. The Vortex 150 Mini ARF Racing Quad is also equipped with a camera that allows you to record your flights and share them with others.

This racing drone with a built-in camera has all the necessary hardware to get you flying right away. With its easy-to-use controller and immersive 3D flight experience, the Vortex 150 is perfect for beginners or experienced pilots alike.


  • Light and portable design
  • Easy to control
  • On-screen display (OSD)
  • 2mm axles
  • Excellent camera

EMAX Tinyhawk racing drone

EMAX Tinyhawk racing drone
Photo: Amazon

If you’re looking for a drone that can do it all, the EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5″ Freestyle outdoor drone is a great option. This quadcopter is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to fly a drone and explore the outdoors. It has a durable build and comes with all the features you need to start flying right away, including a camera and FPV goggles.

The Tinyhawk is also lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to get started in the world of drones. With its super lightweight and small size, it is perfect for taking to parks, beaches, or anywhere else you want to fly!

This drone features a durable carbon fiber frame that makes it resistant to crashes and offers stability when flying. The Tinyhawk also comes equipped with a 2.5″ camera that allows you to take high-quality photos and videos.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Onboard camera
  • Powerful performance

DEERC DE22 drone with 4K Camera

Photo: Amazon

The DEERC DE22 GPS Drone with 4K Camera is a great drone for beginners and experts alike. This drone is easy to fly thanks to its 2-axis gimbal and 5G FPV live video capabilities. The drone also has an auto-return home feature that makes it easy to keep track of.

With its advanced features and easy-to-use controls, this drone is perfect for anyone looking for a quality drone at an affordable price. With its sleek design and powerful features, the DEERC DE22 GPS Drone is perfect for anyone looking to get into drone photography or videography. The 4K camera with 2-axis gimbal and EIS anti-shake system makes smooth footage easy to capture, while the 5G FPV live video brushless motor provides fast and smooth flying.

Sufficient battery capacity will allow you to enjoy your ride for up to 52 minutes. Folding the design of the battery makes traveling even easier. The brushless motor operating at 5 levels ensures a smooth and soft ride.


  • Waypoints and Circle Fly
  • 52 Minutes of Flight Time
  • 3900ft FPV transmission
  • 4K Ultra HD image
  • 2-Axis Gimbal and EIS

EMAX Hawk Pro racing drone

EMAX Hawk Pro racing drone
Photo: Amazon

Emax Hawk Pro FRSKY BNF 5″ FPV Inch Racing Drone Quad is the perfect addition to your racing quadcopter fleet. This small and lightweight drone is designed for speed and efficiency. Outfitted with a brushless motor and flight controller, this drone is capable of reaching speeds up to 100mph. With a range of up to 300ft, you’ll be able to race far from the obstacles and catch your opponents by surprise.

While the Hawk Pro aircraft features a more lightweight canopy, it has enabled designers to produce designs with higher speeds and improved power-to-weight ratios while sticking to the stiffness and durableness necessary for any situation. The unique shell design of the Hawk Pro aircraft also makes mounting and customizability easy.

Hawk Pro features a newly engineered FPV transmission system and camera will improve the flight capabilities of the pilot as he or she navigates terrains with ease.


  • Speeds up to 100mph
  • Upgraded FPV transmission system
  • LED Performance Brushless Motors
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • HDR FPV Camera

EMAX Tinyhawk 2 FPV Racing Drone

EMAX Tinyhawk 2 FPV Racing Drone
Photo: Amazon

The EMAX Tinyhawk 2 is a new model FPV racing drone that features a powerful 16000KV RunCam camera. This drone is perfect for indoor flying and is easy to control, making it a great choice for beginner pilots. The Tinyhawk 2 also offers a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for advanced pilots as well.

Innovative FPV cameras were incorporated in the second change. By partnering with the Tinyhawk II engineers, the Nano 2 FPV Camera was designed in part to decrease the FPV streams of the Tinyhawk 2. Equipped with sharper optics and expanded dynamic range, the camera is focused on providing absolute clarity to any FPV videos transmitted through the use of the Tinyhawk 2.

As the use of higher-capacity batteries increases, drone pilots can benefit from an increased propeller speed because of the increase in electric power the motors feature. By enabling the Tinyhawk II to position its camera accordingly, you can compensate for the higher possible speeds using a battery pack with a larger capacity.


  • Runcam Nano 2 Camera
  • 16000kv motors
  • LEDs in frame
  • Redesigned frame with adjustable angle canopy

Racing Drones FAQs

Are racing drones legal?

Yes, racing drones are legal in the US. However, some states have specific regulations pertaining to drone racing, so check with your local authority before flying your drone in a race.

How fast are racing drones?

Drones are becoming more and more popular for racing. They can be flown quickly and accurately, giving racers a competitive edge. But just how fast are racing drones? Here’s a look at some of the fastest drones on the market.

Below the FAA’s Part 107 rules, avoid going beyond 100 mph. That’s why it’s so important to slow down for some of the machines on our list. Some can reach maximum speeds of 170 mph, while your average will be more like a reasonable 80 mph.

Can racing drones survive a crash?

Drones used for racing can be very expensive and are often custom-made with specific features that make them faster or more agile. However, even the most well-built drones can be damaged in a crash. This is because racing drones are often made from lightweight materials that are not as durable as those used in other types of drones. When a racing drone crashes, it can often break into many pieces.

What are the benefits of racing drones?

Racing drones can be fun and provide a new opportunity for competitive piloting. They also offer a unique perspective on aerial photography and videography. Racing drones can be used for recreational or competitive purposes.

Do racing drones really make a difference?

es, racing drones can make a big difference in the speed and accuracy of your aerial maneuvers. Racing drones also allow you to tune your flight settings to maximize your performance.

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