AirSelfie drone, a pocket-sized camera drone, launches on Kickstarter

The AirSelfie drone is the smallest portable flying camera available on the market. The camera is made up of a small, lightweight body and a powerful aerial lens. It shoots high-resolution photos and videos that are perfect for capturing your everyday moments. With its easy-to-use controls, the AirSelfie makes taking aerial photos and videos easy and fun.

What is AirSelfie drone?

The world’s smallest selfie-friendly flying camera is called AirSelfie. Who would have guessed that a selfie stick could do more than just protrude from an exclusive smartphone case? With AirSelfie, you never need to leave your mobile phone. The sky is the limit.

AirSelfie is a registered trademark of the AirSelfie Holdings and all things associated with it have received patents and intellectual property permissions. AirSelfie is a registered trademark and all its components are protected by filed and granted patents.

Photo: AirSelfie

How it works

Open cover and take AirSelfie from its case. Launch the camera app and AirSelfie using your iOS or Android phone.

Photo: AirSelfie

Fly AirSelfie and control it directly through 3 different flight functions:

  • Selfie mode, the easiest one, with just two directional buttons to make AirSelfie move far or close to you.
  • Selfie Motion Control mode, control AirSelfie in real-time with the virtual joystick provided by App.
  • Flying mode, where the device is held horizontally and replaces a classic controller. Once you’ve found the perfect positioning for the shot, AirSelfie stays still, thanks to the hovering function.
Photo: AirSelfie

Land AirSelfie, the smallest selfie drone, onto your open hand and place it back in its case where it will be recharged.

Photo: AirSelfie

Selected photos will be immediately synced to your phone using wifi, ready to be posted to your chosen social media service.

Why AirSelfie drone?

How many times have you tried to perfectly group a number of individuals, even if you only needed to fit twenty or more of them? How many times have you taken a couple’s selfie, using scenery in the background so as to come away with a picture superior than that of the happy couple, and had to remove that noteworthy landmark?

Say goodbye to your selfie stick or stretching your arm out till it hurts.

You can safely depositions AirSelfie in its charged phone cover (which serves as a charger too) and unchain it when you need to take a picture or video footage by hanging upside down.

Imagine being able to revolutionize perspective completely.

Connect the AirSelfie camera securely and quickly by downloading the AirSelfie app and use it to take unbelievable selfies. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

You’ll be able to build unforgettable memories through a new perspective.

Don’t forget to check their Kickstarter campaign below.

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